There's not a lot about an aircooled Volkswagen that isn't already a great piece of design and engineering. But human-nature dictates that we always want to mess around with the things we love. At Union we offer a wide range of upgrades to enhance not just the performance, but the overall safety, practicality and driveability of your ride.


We offer a wide array of engine and mechanical services for both standard vehicles and those intended to go a little quicker. From super stock rebuilds through to full performance motors, we can build an engine to suit your desires. Every engine is unique and built up in-house. An exchange basis is available subject to conditions.


One of the most popular modifications is lowering. From basic lowering, to a straight axle conversion and narrowed beams, chassis notching and other tweaks, come and chat to us about your requirements.


Making your VW go quicker is one thing, making it stop (and stop well) is another. At Union we can repair and restore your vehicle's braking system back to factory standards, or we can make upgrades such as a drum to disc conversion for that modern-car feel.


Whether 6, 12 or 240v we've got it covered. Dynamo to alternator conversions, leisure batteries and split-charging, let us help you with Car or Camper electrics.

If in doubt, ask...

Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.